Not a bird to be heard. 2007, film



English title:
Not a Bird to Be Heard

Nenad Vukosavljevic

Runtime: 41 min.

Language: Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian with English and German subtitles

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The third documentary from the series “Simulated dialogue”.
People of Bosniak and Croat origin speak about the war and the difficult legacy of the past, about hatred and pain, about their fears and hopes.
What they reproach each other, what did the war teach them, how it is like to be in exile, how do they live today with those of different ethnic or religious background?
Who started the war? Was it aliens who knocked down the Old Bridge of Mostar? Is it English or idiots amongst us, who are guilty for the disasters of the past? Is the indifference for other people’s suffering really normal? Which way leads towards reconciliation and how long is it going to take?