“On the Trail of the Danube Swabians in Vojvodina” Exhibition Opens

An exhibition of photographs accompanying the research project “On the Trail of Danube Swabians in Vojvodina” opened tonight, on 12 December, at KC “Parobrod” in Belgrade.

Helena Rill, who worked on the research project together with Marijana Stojčić, spoke at the opening, noting that “Where are our one-time neighbours?” was the key motivating question behind their work.

Nedžad Horozović, one of the two photographers together with Nenad Vukosavljević, asked where all our neighbours—those who quietly disappeared after 1945 and those who disappeared after 1991—have gone.

Ana Bu, daughter of Ana Kocsh whose witnessing about imprisonment in a camp in Gakovo was used in the research project, also spoke at the opening of the exhibition. The historian Zoran Janjetović commented on bringing unpopular topics out of the shadows of history. Guido Stein, from the Apatin Association in Germany, traveled to Belgrade on this occasion. The exhibition was officially opened by Johanes Iršik, the director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Serbia.

The exhibition will remain open until 20 December 2017.