Nelson Mandela – 100 years since his birth #Mandela100

An uncompromising and unsparing struggle for the freedom of all, the freedom of every man, the life goal of Nelson Mandela was an inspiration to numerous artists, reporters and activists this year, when the whole world is marking 100 years since the birth of Nelson Mandela.

We asked a few of our associates to join World “Mandela 100” Day marked on the day of his birth, 18 July.

Zoran Mišić, a reporter for religious radio “Zlatousti”, made two shows about the importance of Mandela and his legacy, but also about a wider view of freedom, asking: how free are we truly today, here in this region?

Links : show 1 broadcast on 14 July 2018

show 2 broadcast on 21 July 2018

Dejan Kožul, author of the KUPEK radio show did an interview with Shirley Gunn, a South African activist, “a woman who dedicated her life to fighting not just apartheid, but every injustice, a woman with “steel bones”, a woman who was persecuted, imprisoned and a woman who never retreated before injustice. Shirley is white, but also a woman, and as such she was again in the minority. How did she cope with this, what was her experience, was taking up arms the only option? Shirley was arrested three times and came out stronger and bigger each time, even when they took away her baby and used it to threaten her, even when her fellow fighters from the African National Congress left her on her own.”

Links:  announcement for the show and introductory text

show broadcast on 16 July 2018

(the interview with Shirley Gunn is in English)

Miroslav Miletić placed his “classic act of premeditated radio” on a plain without dilemma:  Freedom or nothing, and from there analysed the life and work of Nelson Mandela, as well as us in this region.

Link:  show broadcast on 18 July 2018

Ines Baždalić did a show for “BH radio” about the life and work of Nelson Mandela.

Links:  show broadcast on 18 July 2018

Thanks to our cooperation with the magazine “Lice ulice”, its July-August 2018 issue published an article by Katarina Milićević, a member of the CNA team, where she writes about reconciliation, over there in South Africa, and right here in the former Yugoslavia, after the wars.

Link: article by Katarina Milićević for “Lice ulice”