Promotion of the Biber 02 Collection in Tetovo

Only a few days after we received the new Biber 02 collection from the printers, we set off for Tetovo to promote it.

Ivana Franović from the Biber Team, Anuška Minovska, whose story Obitelj strica Akija [Uncle Aki’s Family] won third place, Danilo Lučić, whose story Frakture [Fractures] was also included in the collection, and Qerim Ondozi, translator and associate of the Biber Team spoke at the promotion held at the Philosophy Faculty in Tetovo. Blerim Jashari, a peace activist from Tetovo, was the moderator at the promotion.

In the first part, the participants discussed literature and activism, how art can contribute to changes in society, and about the Biber Competition itself, while the second part was intended for questions from the audience. Among other, we heard from Afrim Demiri from Uroševac whose story Kuče i prase [Puppy and Pig] was also included in the Biber 02 collection.

After Tetovo, the next promotion of Biber is planned in Zagreb on 7 June 2018.

The photo gallery from this event can be viewed HERE