“War of Memories” Exhibition opened in Novi Pazar

On Friday, 2 February 2018, the tenth iteration of the “War of Memories” exhibition was opened at the Novi Pazar Gallery MMC.

Munir Poturak from the city administration of Novi Pazar spoke at the opening about the importance of this exhibition and remembering the not so distant past for younger generations, about how we need to learn from the past, and pointed out how important it was that we speak about positive examples from the war, about people who selflessly helped their families and neighbours.

Speaking about what it was like to photograph the monuments, CNA activist Nedžad Horozović pointed out how much the war veterans from different armies in Bosnia and Herzegovina that work with CNA have contributed to the creation of the exhibition and research on the culture of memory, saying that without their help many of the sites and monuments would have been inaccessible.

Remembering in his emotional remarks how his parents used to alert him to the existence of “others”, and wondering whether this was the right way to discuss diversity with children, CNA activist Nenad Vukosavljević, the co-author of the photographs, expressed hope that a change in how we raise our children could help build lasting peace in this region.

The “War of Memories” exhibition was created as part of the project “War Monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina (from 1991)” available at kulturasjecanja.org.

The exhibition will be on display in Novi Pazar until 20 February 2018 and in March it will be opened in Kragujevac.

Photos from the exhibition opening can be viewed HERE.