In 2017 we plan:

Promotion of publications and exhibitions:


  • Exhibition “War of Memories” at the Belgrade Cultural Center 12 January – 2 February 2017
  • Printing „The findings of research into the fate of Danube Swabians (in Vojvodina after the Second World War)“, with translations into English and German
  • Opening of the second “Biber” competition for the short story on the theme of reconciliation (
  • Promotion of “Biber” competition in Pristina, at the beginning of the year



Peace education programme:


  • Training “Mir-Paqe-Mir”, Veles, Macedonia, for the citizens of Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo
  • Basic training in Peacebuilding, in April 2017
  • Training in Peacebuilding for the students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, in July 2017



And more:


  • Continuation of efforts on producing and adopting the National Peacebuilding Strategy for the Republic of Serbia
  • War-veterans cross-border actions (Zavidovici, Brcko …)
  • Dialogue circle with historians from the region, Germany and Austria, October 2017
  • Work on the Training Handbook “Nonviolence 2”
  • Promotion of the documentary about the people who exchanged houses across the ethnic lines after the Dayton Agreement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, made in collaboration with theTraining for Trainers participants
  • Continuation of the efforts on marking the unmarked places of suffering/ atrocity sites



Last but not least


  • 20 years anniversary of CNA in Sarajevo, in September 2017