In 2018, we are planning:

Promotion of publications and exhibitions:

  • Finishing and printing the “Nonviolence 2” handbook
  • Printing “Biber 2”—a multilingual collection of stories about reconciliation that were selected through a regional competition
  • Promotion of “Biber 2” in several towns in the region
  • Photography exhibition and promotion of the “War of Memories” monograph in Novi Pazar, Kragujevac, Zavidovići, Zagreb, Sisak…

Peace education programmes:

  • “Mir-Paqe-Mir” Training in Dojran, Macedonia, for participants from Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo, April
  • Basic peacebuilding training, October 2018


  • “Reconciling Histories!?” international conference, Sarajevo

Work with veterans:

  • Joint visit by veterans to Rudo (BiH)
  • Presence of veterans at the commemoration in Trusina (BiH)
  • Peacebuilding training for veterans from the region

And also:

  • Continuing the action of marking unmarked sites of suffering
  • “On the Trail of the Danube Swabians “ exhibition in Apatin
  • Continuing work on the Peacebuilding Strategy in Serbia