Our plans for 2021

Promotions and publications:

  • Publishing the Biber 04 Short Story Contest
  • Promotion of the collections of short stories from the Biber Contest
  • Work on a book about our work with war veterans


Peace education programmes:

  • Training for students from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Working with war veterans:

  • Mixed group of war veterans to attend commemorations to victims in Boderište and Grbavica near Brčko, Bradina near Konjic, Vitez, Uborak near Mostar, Vlasenica, Sava bridge in Brčko, Mrkonjić Grad, Križančevo vilage, etc.
  • Visit of a mixed group of war veterans to Ahmići and Trusina; to Mostar prison camps


And more:

  • Actions to mark unmarked sites of atrocities continued
  • Continued work with historians on regional links and culture of memory development


* All plans for 2021 will be adapted as needed to the epidemiological situation.