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Words of a new member of CNA team: Aleksandra Bogdanovska

I arrived in Sarajevo to join CNA on 18 April 2017, and as has become customary, it snowed that day. Sarajevo and me have a strange connection, and it almost always greets me this way, while I am, as a rule, still surprised, chilled to the bone and undeterred in my intention to love it. The struggle here and the struggle in Macedonia, and all the other struggles in the world are more or less equal, so it matters little where I am under this sun, I will always be fighting for peace – actively, defiantly and with recalcitrance.

Socio-political context 2016

Bosnia-Herzegovina: If we could just defeat selfishness…
Croatia: It’s no laughing matter
Kosovo: Silence as a means of dealing with the past
Macedonia: “Poverty is my nationality”
Serbia: I’d burn down the entire village


Today, the youth get coffins packed with 25 years of their parents’ lives, over 130 thousand dead, hundreds of thousands of displaced persons and refugees, millions whose lives were permanently damaged by wars, transition, theft, crime, misery, all the misfortunes that go with it