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The Paths of Wartime Suffering

…We marked unmarked sites of suffering with stickers that read: “UNMARKED SITE OF SUFFERING – At this site, during the war, human beings were subjected to inhumane acts. By not letting these events be forgotten, we stand in solidarity with all victims. May it never happen again to anyone.” Western BiH, Autumn 2016.

Voyage(s) of the Damned

No one opens the door to people fleeing war.
Europe admires itself for having defeated fascism 70 years ago.
Europe is silent while in some corner of the world war still rages, just as in 1939, people fleeing war were universally unwanted.

Socio-political context 2013

  Bosnia Herzegovina: Twisted time Montenegro: A Montenegrin’s moustache Croatia: They knew everything, and they did nothing Kosovo: Agreement or +383 Macedonia: One big nothing, nicely wrapped and gaudily decorated...