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Južna Afrika

The Colours and Nuances of Reconciliation

As the victor, a member of the majority, a victim of the previous system – he chose the most difficult path of reconciliation – by rejecting revenge. He became a symbol of the persistent struggle for freedom, a struggle he refused to ever give up, because freedom was paramount.

War(s) of the 1990s in Schools: My Truth for My Child

The announcement that as of this school year, the history of the 1992-1995 war would be studied in more detail in primary and secondary schools is perhaps the most significant change in the history curriculum since the fall of communism

KERNEIREISE – A Centrifuge of Emotions

What was valuable to me? To spend at least some time with these people, descended from Kljajićevo, the Danube Swabians and their families. To step into their shoes for a moment. To be there, for them, and not as a ‘representative’ of someone from here.